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I AM Growth Crossbody Clutch


This bag is yet another reminder to remember you always have what you need. If you have a vision, take a moment to look around you and see what you can use to bring it to fruition just where you are. Your pace is good enough. The plants remind us of that. This handmade beauty utilizes vegan leather, and some plant based materials. I’ve added a tortoise shell style chain to the detachable strap to make a unique statement! The leaf clutch’s long awaited return is finally here, but only in limited quantities. This original design is the brain child of Naiima enchanted dreams.. so Once she’s gone she’s gone. Check back if it’s sold out I’ll be making more for a very short spell. Please enjoy! 💚

Please allow adaquate patience for your order to be shipped. As each item is handmade with love and great attention to detail. This is slow fashion, and if that works for you I promise to offer something amazing and unique...if you have a deadline this is probably not the bag for you💚🌱

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