Image 1 of Large Polka Dot plant Earrings Image 2 of Large Polka Dot plant Earrings

Large Polka Dot plant Earrings


Plant life is a movement. And it speaks to where the consciousness of humanity is moving. What better way to represent our appreciation to breathe deeply that to adorn ourselves in the living sentient beings we call plants! Show some plant love and go green! 💚🌿

Please know that upon purchasing there are many orders in que. We are here to bring beauty and love to you in the form of creativity, and that takes time. We’re recalibrating the programming that we must be machines. We work from as natural and diligent a place posssible. What you see here is have made by one woman, (Naiima) lovingly and joyfully. Let’s help keep that mental and heart state by allowing the process. If you’re in rush, this won’t be the place for you! But we hope it is! Much love 💕

Please allow up to 12 weeks for your order to be shippe

Image of Snake Medicine Earrings

Snake Medicine Earrings

Image of Wired Eyes Earrings

Wired Eyes Earrings

Image of Focus  Earrings

Focus Earrings

$38.00 | Sold Out
Image of Gold Butterfly Fairy Wings

Gold Butterfly Fairy Wings

Image of High Flying Disks

High Flying Disks

Image of Monstera Shell Earrings

Monstera Shell Earrings

$42.00 | Sold Out
Image of I Am Abundant Hoops

I Am Abundant Hoops

Image of Queens Eye Earrings

Queens Eye Earrings

$125.00 | Sold Out
Image of The Grand Maji

The Grand Maji

Image of Empress Cowrie Ring

Empress Cowrie Ring

Image of  Ankh Star Earrings

Ankh Star Earrings

Image of Large Fula Hoops

Large Fula Hoops

Image of Still We Rise

Still We Rise

Image of Monarch Butterfly earrings

Monarch Butterfly earrings

$46.00 | Sold Out
Image of Avocado Goals handmade Earrings -Worn by Tabitha Brown!

Avocado Goals handmade Ea...

$69.00 | Sold Out
Image of  Be A Sunflower

Be A Sunflower

$72.00 | Sold Out
Image of It was All a dream~Vegan Pizza Earrings

It was All a dream~Vegan ...

Image of Banana Love!

Banana Love!

$69.00 | Sold Out
Image of SNEAK PREVIEW: Finding My Center! Earrings 🍩💕

SNEAK PREVIEW: Finding My...

Image of Strawberry Dreams!

Strawberry Dreams!

$68.00 | Sold Out
Image of Papaya Passion

Papaya Passion

$68.00 | Sold Out
Image of Pears Delight

Pears Delight

Image of She Fierce! SNEAK PREVIEW -Ready to Ship

She Fierce! SNEAK PREVIEW...

$64.00 | Sold Out
Image of Eye Am Divine Drop Earrings

Eye Am Divine Drop Earrings

Image of Large Africa Beaded Masks

Large Africa Beaded Masks

$46.00 | Sold Out
Image of Hamsa Haven

Hamsa Haven

Image of This Way Home Hoops

This Way Home Hoops

$32.00 | Sold Out
Image of  Dream Makers Earrings

Dream Makers Earrings

Image of Technicolor Balance Goddess

Technicolor Balance Goddess

Image of Beaded Empress

Beaded Empress

Image of Elevated Empress Earrings

Elevated Empress Earrings

Image of Afro Indigo Collection~ Elevated Empress

Afro Indigo Collection~ E...

Image of Yema Jhumkas

Yema Jhumkas

$46.00 | Sold Out
Image of IN the Sun Hoops

IN the Sun Hoops

$47.00 | Sold Out
Image of Fula Hoops

Fula Hoops

$68.00 | Sold Out
Image of Wondrous Goddess Earrings

Wondrous Goddess Earrings

$63.00 | Sold Out
Image of Golden Indigo Bouquet Drop Earrings

Golden Indigo Bouquet Dro...

Image of Divine Eyes

Divine Eyes

Image of Orange Quartzite hoops

Orange Quartzite hoops

Image of Well Rounded Hoops

Well Rounded Hoops

$22.00 | Sold Out
Image of Abundant Chandelier Earrings—-Cowrie Collection

Abundant Chandelier Earri...

$89.00 | On Sale
Image of Peponi Love Drop Earrings

Peponi Love Drop Earrings

$42.00 | Sold Out
Image of Sun Dial Mandalas

Sun Dial Mandalas

$62.00 | Sold Out
Image of Spirit of A Jaguar

Spirit of A Jaguar

$78.00 | Sold Out
Image of I Am Africa Mask- Large

I Am Africa Mask- Large

$42.00 | Sold Out

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