Image of The Sun Card -Tarot Tee

The Sun Card -Tarot Tee


This is the first of a collection of our Tarot Tees. And we’re so excited to share with you what has been a long time vision coming to fruition! And we’re just getting started. If you aren’t familiar, it is a rare occurrence to find beautiful images that represent black women and men in the world of tarot. And while many folks are doing their part to close the gap we see clearly there’s a chasm that deserves to be filled in the most loving way. This is the start of our contribution! So because of the excitement and wonder surrounding the possibilities we decided to bring you THE SUN card first! With this purchase You’re investing in a long term vision of a vast undertaking....To bring our own affirmation cards and tarot deck to you! Thank you for supporting small black women businesses because the vision is far from! It’s massive! And it takes a village to build it! Love on your self and thank you for supporting the dream!

*This is currently a pre order item. More images will be provided soon!

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